Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Family Fun

We've had a WHIRLWIND around here the past several days. DH's parents and our nephew came to town for a visit.

What does this mean? First and foremost it means I temporarily become the parent of only two children. Our youngest son absolutely adores his Papa (and Grandma, too). They are an inseparable pair. Whatever Papa says goes and Papa's arms, legs, lap, and neck become the favorite resting place for my little prince's head or arms or legs or runny nose (there is justice in this world ;) ). I should also add that our youngest ds is the ONLY of Papa's nine marvelous grandchildren to be on the receiving end (pun intended) of a "Papa diaper change" and "Papa fanny cleaning" following a bathroom sitting. Papa's directions and desires supersede all others. DH and I pretty much become invisible people. And I wouldn't trade this for anything!!! My children are blessed with the most generous, adoring, involved grandparents in the world. When in the presence of these wonderful people my kids experience what I am sure is one of the closest earthly expressions of their heavenly Father's extravagant love for them. I'm truly grateful they have this blessing. I, too, was privileged to receive extravagant love from grandparents and know this had a profound effect on my relationship with my heavenly Father.

What else does the visit mean? I've been RUNNING THE ROADS!!! But I guess that's not altogether different for our single-driver family. It's just that last night the roads back from DOLLYWOOD were dark, winding, unfamiliar mountain roads and my shoes and feet were sogging wet. Did I mention our arrival a "Casa de Amo" occurred around 1:30 AM? You guessed it, I succumbed to pressure and actually rode the "River Rampage!"

Dollywood was lots of fun and the Lord blessed us with a great time! We got to see a show that Grandma and Papa especially enjoyed...all while the deluge went on outside. By the time we left the show and ate the air was cooler and the crowds were smaller. More rides for the kids, less sweat for me!!! Yeah! I took the deluge to be a sign in the spiritual of that which we received from our heavenly Father and our earthly parents...showers of blessings!

(Side note: One day is inadequate to fully enjoy all that Dollywood has to offer...but it was a great appetite whetter.)

Our oldest will be returning to NC with his grandparents for an extended solo visit. He has wanted to do this for some time. And that fact alone convinces me it's a good thing to do, as he is our "homiest body." I view this as a rite of passage of sorts for him and maybe me, too. He'll be fine, he'll learn lots from Papa on the farm, and he'll grow one step closer to manhood. That's the part that gets me sometimes. A noble young man of faith is what I see the Lord growing before my very eyes.

The youngest chastised his cousin today for not sharing his Mountain Dew by saying, "God says to share your blessings." Thanks for reading as I shared. God is good!!!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

A Mountain Dew is indeed a blessing from above. It ranks right below Starbucks on my list of thirst quenchers. :) You are bringing him up right!

Sounds like you all have had a wonderful visit. Praise the Lord for Grandparents, they offer so much!

Hug all those kids for me!

Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Sounds like a great time! I still have never ventured out to Dollywood. I am sure the day is coming! :)
Love ya!

The Small Scribbler said...

How you found time to write all of these words in the midst of your busyness I do not know. But I am thankful. I love keeping up with your family. And as for these words:

A noble young man of faith is what I see the Lord growing before my very eyes.

I agree wholeheartedly.

I have been thinking hard lately on what it takes to be create an welcoming environment. You have it down! Your extended family is blessed to have you.


Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Hey come over to my blog-got something for you!
Love ya!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Hey chick,

stop by my blog too. there's a little something there as well. :)