Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting Real

While visiting Faith at The Great Adventure (see my sidebar) and commenting on her post where she laments the fact that her posts are so "unedited" I felt a strong "Post Urge" come on!

Faith is currently in the midst of a very personal and painful battle with MS and undergoing daily injections for her treatment. She has very bravely shared with everyone in "blogland" about her fear of needles and the difficulty she's having with her treatments. She's also shared that she's struggled with believing and making real in her circumstances the truth that our Jesus' strength is made perfect in our weakness. I applaud her transparency and honesty. I applaud her willingness to share the raw, unadulterated difficulties that accompany every life...including the life of faith!

I started this post before the Women of Faith Conference (WOF) in Atlanta this past weekend. The merry-go-round was on turbo and I wasn't able to finish. But the thoughts Faith's post prompted were perfectly timed for WOF. The Lord was preparing me for what He would say to me very personally through the speakers and musicians.

This life is to be lived out in authenticity before our sisters and brothers in Christ, as well as before the lost world. It's only through our raw honesty about our struggles, doubts, and sins that we are able to share the comfort we receive. And that comfort is THE LORD, HIMSELF. (This is what Beth Moore spoke about and I'll have more to say about that later....).

When we get real and remove our "Perfect Christian" mask we have so much more to offer the world. We make ourselves vulnerable in a way that Jesus did when He put on flesh and became a man. We are privileged to share in that "suffering" with our Creator and Savior. And we're even more privileged to share the Lord, Himself, with those around us who are hurting and in need of that Divine Grace.

My sister-in-the-faith, Faith, is aptly named. I'm thankful for her and for the other women the Lord has brought into my life who are willing to live out their lives with raw authenticity. I want to be more like them for then I will be more like JESUS...the most authentic example of all.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Out of Pocket

The Family Merry-Go-'Round has been on "turbo" around here...but I've not forgotten my blog...just been distracted and otherwise occupied. Last night I returned from the Atlanta, GA Women of Faith Conference (and pre-conference with Beth Moore)! What an awesome BLESSING this was! I was privileged to attend with a group of ladies from our church. I'm in SELAH mode--Big Time. But I feel some posts churning.

The weekend previous we had a house full of company...all my immediate family...13 of us!!! We had lots of fun celebrating Daddy's 64th and my 40th birthdays!

One thing I returned from Atlanta with is a bad cold/bronchitis/ cough/crud...The Lord graced me with exactly what I needed for the conference weekend...but now I need rest.